The summer of 2013 was a joyful time for LGL as their new first record was mastered.

The album itself is currently being printed, but a digital print is currently available for our die-hard fans. Feel free to have a listen. For purchase, please visit an LGL-show.

01 – Fiddler’s Green

02 – Tullamore Dead End

03 – The Titanic Set

04 – Black Velvet Band

05 – The Silver Spear Set

06 – Galway Girl

07 – Saddle The Pony (set)

08 – Crooked Jack

09 – Set of Polkas

10 – Finnegans Wake

11 – Last Call (for alcohol)

12 – Tha Haunted House (set)

13 – The Sun Never Shines

14 – The Boondock Saints Theme

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