Tour news everyone

The 2013 Long Gone Leprechaun “World” Tour has officially kicked off with the show at Falsterbo Horse Show yesterday.



The band was greatly appreciated and the new first album was very well-received. Almost       10 sold copies (BOOYAAH).

The afternoon continued in a typical leprechaun manner with spontaneous gigs and rehearsals through-out Falsterbo.

IMG_20130713_173917 bild (1)

Huge thanks especially to grandma Gustavsson and Jonas , the outcast from Stockholm, for your hospitality, box wine and after eights.

This gig-free sunday, the leprechauns are heading for Helsingborg for a different kind of tour.

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Later on we will appear at the Pedersen residence in Mellbystrand. See you there?


/The Leprechaun



Good news everyone!

Good news everyone!

The longly anticipated debut album is being printed as we speak (write?). To purchase, please visit an LGL-show close-by. Until then, feel free to listen to the recording right here on

More good news everyone!

In promotion of the new album, the annual “Long Gone Leprechaun “World” Tour” will kick-off this saturday (the 13th). One week of madness and mayhem (and irish).

Sat 13 Juli Falsterbo Hores Show. 12:00.
Tue 16 Juli Teboden Markaryd – food and a show
Wed 17 Juli Sommarkrischan, Lund – a show and a show.

Spontaneous gigs and mischief through-out Skåne, Blekinge and Småland are guaranteed. Please come by for a beer and a good time.


/The Leprechaun(s)